Serafina Coffee Bar

Fine coffees are like fine wines…they first need to be harvested with care, prepared with only the finest artisan methods, and when ready, and only when ready, they can be enjoyed the exact way they are meant to be. We only use fair trade farms, we care about where we purchase our green beans, and once we purchase them we make sure to roast our beans to the perfect degree. This offers our guests the true taste of the varietal, you see…we do not want you to taste the roast, we want you to taste the actual bean. That is why we roast just past the “second crack” or popping. We believe any further and the bean gets lost in the fire, it loses its composition and character. A small amount of oil is what we strive for, giving our espresso the perfect body and crema.

Serafina Coffee prides itself on having the very best products; fair trade, locally roasted small batch, Arabica beans, all hand blended for a sublime coffee experience.